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Products for the Frequent Business Traveler

Frequent Business Travelers use OAG information both on the road and in the office to make informed travel planning decisions and to facilitate itinerary changes during business trips.

OAG Pocket Flight Guide

OAG Pocket Flight Guide cover These paperback guides have been the road warrior's best friend for decades. When your flight has been canceled, delayed or you just need to change your plans, the OAG Pocket Flight Guide gives you a comprehensive listing of flight schedules to choose from. It may not have the most exciting plot, but when you're sitting in the airport lounge it'll provide a satisfying ending -- time saved when getting on your way. Updated monthly, it also includes other valuable travel information, such as minimum connecting time charts, and toll-free airline, hotel and car rental reservation numbers.

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Product Cities Covered Total Number of Direct and Connecting Flights
North America Edition 580 100,000
Latin America/Caribbean Edition 740 31,000
Europe/Africa/Middle East Edition 1400 106,000
Asia Pacific Edition 1400 58,000

OAG Africa Flight Guide

The OAG Africa Flight Guide is a portable reference publication containing direct and connecting flight schedule information to, from and within Africa. Updated quarterly, the OAG Africa Flight Guide also includes other valuable travel information, such as airline offices throughout Africa, public holidays for each country in Africa, and international car rental information. The product is sold to business and leisure travelers in Africa through OAG's sales representatives in South Africa, Houston Travel Marketing Services.

OAG FlightDisk

OAG FlightDisk coverFor more and more frequent travelers and regular arrangers of travel, PCs can make the travel planning process easier than ever before. Now OAG FlightDisk lets your laptop, desktop or networked computer become a comprehensive flight planning database. FlightDisk gives you flight schedule options between two cities with just a few keystrokes -- and with your modem, U.S. users can even go online and check real-time fare and schedule information.

OAG FlightDisk also provides an array of additional travel information including reservation toll-free numbers, ground transportation information, and frequent flyer and lodger program information.

Because the data resides on a computer, the user saves on-line phone and connection charges and trip plans can be easily printed or e-mailed for the traveler's reference. A new FlightDisk is issued monthly, letting users load the latest edition while retaining all their Notepad information and user preferences. Available on disk or CD-ROM for single-users.

Product Cities Covered Total Number of Direct and Connecting Flights
North America Edition 1,390 396,000
Worldwide Edition 4,060 646,000
Premium Worldwide Edition (available in Europe/Africa/Middle East) 3,700 with destination data on over 200 countries up to 600,000

OAG HotelDisk

OAG HotelDisk cover It doesn't do a traveler much good to find the right flight if they can't find the right hotel. OAG HotelDisk is a comprehensive, windows-based PC software tool that contains a database of hotels throughout the world (with interactive maps of the largest metro areas) that enables users to quickly locate quality hotels and build ground itineraries. Updated quarterly, OAG HotelDisk also includes other travel information, including frequent flyer/lodger program information and new airline partnerships.

The interactive mapping capability allows users to zoom from an overview of a metro area down to street level detail and users can easily identify hotels by selecting preferred chain names, location, rates, quality ratings, and up to 28 amenities. Reservation toll-free numbers, city information and ground transportation options are also included.

Available on CD-ROM or 3.5" HD diskette, the product also integrates with OAG FlightDisk for a complete electronic travel planning solution.

Product Cities Covered Hotels
Worldwide Edition 13,000 more than 68,000
North America Edition 5,700 28,000
European Edition 4,700 16,900
Asia Pacific Edition 1,043 4,900

OAG Frequent Flyer magazine (available in the United States)

OAG Frequent Flyer magazine cover This U.S. based monthly magazine covers all aspects of business travel and keeps road warriors up-to-date on changes and trends in all the myriad aspects of life lived out of a suitcase. Entertaining and informative, Frequent Flyer probes beyond the news to examine issues from the traveler's point of view -- and polls its readers regularly to stay in touch with their opinions.

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